InterCollege Denmark


InterCollege is a social enterprise within the field of Education and Capacity Development, with key competence in cultural, civic and entrepreneurship education. The organisation was established in Denmark in 2010, and now has other two offices in the United Kingdom and Norway.

The mission of InterCollege is to stimulate global progress built upon international understanding and coherence.

InterCollege aim is to innovate education through:

– Facilitating bespoke education

– Being a counterpart to educational providers

– Mobilising and connecting People, Ideas and Resources

InterCollege is based in the Danish region of Northern Jutland and has been selected as having special growth potential and is thus part of the North Jutland VIP scheme.

InterCollege is highly experienced in delivering trainings at the local, national and international level as well as developing non-formal educational resources in youth and adult education which can be used as teaching materials.

In terms of career guidance and counselling, InterCollege offers wide variety of training, seminar, and study visit and internship opportunities to young people and adults. In addition, InterCollege acts as the national contact point in Denmark for the programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, and provides information as well as career guidance to more than 100 youth entrepreneurs across Denmark.

Annually, InterCollege reaches about 1000 beneficiaries from various EU countries, as well as neighbouring countries.

InterCollege has an expertise in the management of donor-funded projects as well as expertise in facilitating intercultural learning so as to strengthen their global responsibility and solidarity.

Key Staff:

The project responsible, Asser Mortensen, has over 15 years of experience with mobility activities, including work on preparing young people for stays abroad through exchanges, voluntary stays or work experiences. Asser has a great interest in the project management profession and has completed a Master in project management, specializing in management of EU finance related projects.

Asser also has a great European Political interest and insight. He has, in addition, sat in the Council for European politics and European Movement’s executive committee and studied European Policy Masters at Aalborg University.

InterCollege ApS has a team of 5 permanent paid staff members, 4 full time interns, and 8 volunteers, as well as a team of trainers and experts who work on a freelance basis.