Center for education and development

Center for Education and Development (CED) invests in young people’s development through non-formal education, volunteerism and youth work fostering creative initiatives and mutual collaboration. We are non-governmental organization that works in region of Pollog (Western Macedonia) since 2006. Organization has as a target group of young people aged 12 to 28 years, while for achieving its goals in youth activities includes  teachers, parents, heads of leading institutions, Schools, Universities , Municipalities  and many other organizations.

Having in mind its mission, CED strives on investing on the youth population through non formal education, youth work and volunteerism, aiming that all of these to encourage creative initiatives for building healthy and developed environment and coexistence between all the citizens.

Center for Education and Development (CED) works on six strategic directions: Non formal Education and Intercultural learning; Ecology; Culture; Institutional development; Sport and healthy lifestyle; Social Entrepreneurship and Employability.  While for their realization of them is based on four core values: Youth work, Non- formal education, Cooperation and Equality.


Organizational capacities

We have one office and one youth club in Tearce, one info club in State University and one training room in Tetovo.

Two trained youth workers in Pestalozzi foundation in Switzerland.

All of the members is executive board were trained on many nation and international trainings and school for youth work.


Methodology of work

Pestalozzi’s experimental learning approach: “Education by mind, by hearts and by hands”.


Some projects which we have implemented connected with these projects are:

– Youth Strategy – we created the document for 5 years in Tearce Municipality

– Strategy for climate change– we created the document for 5 years for Tearce Municipality

– Youth exchanges and trainings for youth workers about social entrepreneurship for social change and inclusion

– Trainings for youth employability skills (YES) 

– Trainings for business communication, team work, leadership, organizational skills and employability

– Coaching and mentoring young people in the process from developing business ideas to implementation.


We have big team of highly motivated and educated people which were educated on national and international level in formal and non-formal education. All executive board members have minimum bachelor degree and many certificates in different training courses and seminars.

Vladimir Gjorgjevski is member of CED since 2008. He has Bachelor degree of Business and Economics at South East European University and Diploma for NGO work at International Training programme “emPower” at Pestalozzi Foundation in Switzerland. He works as a trainer at National Youth Council of Macedonia and as a trainer at Erasmus+ training courses and youth exchanges on several topics. He was involved in making policy paper for improvement of the VET schools in Macedonia. His specialty is social entrepreneurship field on which he is educated od several international training courses and he have practical experience in working for 1.5 year at International company for Import, distribution and marketing and before some time he is running a social enterprise. Now he is mostly engaged in the organization with conducting trainings for increasing the employability rate of the youth. And he is in the phase of establishing a training incubator center for social enterprise start-ups.

Astrit Rehxepi is since 2004 active in the NGO sector, initially as a volunteer, then as a coordinator and leader of projects and in 2010 was responsible for the department of Education. During this time he has been part of many trainings and workshops in personal development, where in 2010 he completed the course in youth work; in 2011 he took part in the training of trainers organized by YES network (USAID) project to develop employability skills of youth, facilitator in creating a strategy for youth in the city of Skopje. As responsible in the department of education in CED the main duty is to identify the problems and need of young people in the region, to create various programs and trainings and also to participate in their implementations as a facilitator.

Lazar Gjorgjevski has bachelor degree in business administration and master degree in marketing. Lazar has been part in much training like a participant, group leader and a trainer. Also he has a lot of experience in planning and implementing projects for Institutional development. Facilitator and preparing the document for local strategy and youth development in the Municipality of Tearce, facilitator in the creating the strategy for climate changes in the municipality of Tearce.