ADEPT (Asociatia de Dezvoltare a Europei Prin Tineri – ADEPT) is non-governmental organisation created and managed by young people, thus giving each single member an opportunity of personal and professional growth and an opportunity to get involved and learn, meet people and experience through development.


ADEPT purpose is to engage the civil society in taking part in the inclusion of young people into European Union unity by giving young people tools to become more active in the local and European society, by organizing different types of activities such as seminars, trainings, local, national and international meeting, youth exchanges, etc.

ADEPT is concentrating its efforts to reach young people and present them the concept of European citizenship in order for them to know and understand the benefits and the power of a united, responsible and engaged society.

ADEPT and the members of the association have taken part in numerous activities and projects in the area of trainings and non-formal education in Romania, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Georgia, Ukraine, Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Greece and Turkey and have been involved in different NGOs.

ADEPT has also partnered with multiple Production Schools from Denmark to implement projects within the field of gastronomy, social care, mechanics, agriculture, facility and customer care.

ADEPT is currently involved in multiple partnerships within the field of education, vocational education, global responsibility and human rights


On a local level, the organisation is currently focusing in promoting active citizenship and intercultural understanding and friendship.

Is actively involved in the Romanian business market where he militates for creating opportunities for less fortunate youngsters to received internships in order to increase their skills and chances on the labour market.